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About Paranormal: Your True Tales: January 2011 Stories

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From Stephen Wagner, your Guide to Paranormal
Happy New Year! As we embark on another year of exploring the unknown, I want to thank all of you for your enthusiasm, dedication and support of this website. We all share the same hunger to understand the mysteries of life after death, ghost phenomena, unexplained creatures, and psychic experiences. I hope to make this site even more interesting, important and relevant this year. And I also look to you for your ideas, suggestions, stories, photos, videos and theories. Please don't hesitate to tell me what changes or improvements you'd like to see on the site. I'm listening. Here's hoping we all have a great 2011!

Your True Tales: January 2011 Stories
The January stories are here! 25 chilling tales of ghosts, poltergeists, skinwalkers, angels and demons, including "Hospital Ghosts," "Hubby's Doppleganger," "Lady in White Saves Teen," "Creepy Lake Man," "Cursed Blanket," "Haunted Farmhouse"... and more!
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All Ghost-Hunting Teams: Ghost Research Survey
"Here are five questions a very good friend asked me as part of her research for a survey of paranormal teams," says Anthony Milhorn, of the Southern States Paranormal Research Society (SSPRS). "I think every team should think long and hard and answer these five questions. It's always awesome to get many viewpoints and ideas." We encourage all ghost investigation groups out there to take the survey and to please pass on the link to the survey to other groups so we can get as much data as possible.

News: Haunted Hotel, Ghostly Census, Bigfoot Hunter
Top story: The Skirvin Hotel: most haunted? Plus: * Colombia undertaker launches ghostly census * Winchester Mystery House, San Jose * On the trail of Bigfoot * Haunted flat exorcised * 2010's top cryptozoology monsters * Virgin Mary makes trio of holiday appearances * "Casper the Friendly Ghost" to haunt theaters with reboot ... more Paranormal News
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Book coincidence... or fate
"I was reading a book about the poet Sadakichi Hartmann," says Herman K. "I tried to find something written by him, but couldn't -- not in any bookstore or library. Then one day I was in my local library (in Lewisburg, West Virginia) just idly browsing, having forgotten Hartmann. Plunk! A book fell from the top shelf. It was a small paperback collection of Hartmann's poetry, in pristine condition. It had never been checked out!" Have you experienced a remarkable coincidence? Tell us.


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